Is this your next favourite pair of jeans?

Sitting by the fire, in your favourite spot on the couch, watching the footy, with a beer. Can you be any more comfortable? Yes, wearing your favourite pair of jeans!

Your favourite pair of jeans is like an old mate. You’ve been through it all together. Maybe that’s why you’re so comfortable with them. From the highs of a great night at the footy to the lows of the night, you can’t remember.

Knit Jeans at Lowes

Your favourite pair of jeans are worn day in and day out. You can wear them all through winter and when it gets hot, swap the ugg boots for thongs and you’re ready to go.

So when the time comes, how do you replace your favourite pair of jeans? With even more comfortable jeans!

The Knit Jeans available at Lowes are more comfortable than regular woven denim jeans. Knitted denim jeans are more flexible, softer and very comfortable against the skin. They stretch, mould and shape to your body.

Available in a variety of colours, the tapered slim Knit Jean is your next favourite pair of jeans… at Lowes!