Shorts For Men: How Short Is Too Short?

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For blokes, there’s one fair excuse for wearing short shorts - playing footy or any other sport for that matter. But blokes must enjoy short shorts because we’ve all seen them in their post footy days. You know the ones, the big blokes who walk around the local shops in their old footy shorts that are 2 sizes too small with their pasty white thighs proudly on display. And they are onto something, because men's shorts have slowly risen from a 15-inch inseam, to a knee-length 11-inch, then above-the-knee nine inch to a thigh-baring seven inch. And on TikTok, the hashtag #5inchseam has 43.6m views, while Google searches for short shorts have surged. So what length is for you?

The Ultra Short

Since we’re all waiting for this one let’s start here. The ultra short is for the man who idolises Warwick Capper's soprano-inducing ultra-small footy shorts. Try the iconic Ruggers Basic Cotton Drill Original Shorts for only $24.95.


Who likes short shorts? If you get inspired by Tom Selleck’s casual ease with maximum thigh exposure in Magnum PI, then you’ll love short shorts. Like the Lowes Ombre Stripe Board Shorts only $14.95. Stylish and fashionable for this summer season.

Mid Length

For the man who’s mantra for summer is “Sky’s out, thighs out”! The Street Stonewash Stretch Denim Shorts is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe for only $19.95. These shorts are effortlessly styled with a t-shirt and sneakers for the ultimate weekend look.

Regular Length

Thighs the limit! You might not be ready to rock the old school John Travolta look. Try the Traders Light Grey Cargo Stretch Shorts for $39.95. Team them with a t-shirt and sneakers for an easy summer look!

We've got such a huge range of shorts you’ll find the perfect pair to style your look. From classic, tie-dye and denim to stretch, sport, everyday wear and patterned.

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