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5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

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5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

Just like food, water, or footy, sleep is a necessity. If you regularly get between 7-9 hours of sleep per night then you are more likely to maintain a good weight, reduce depression and anxiety, boost your immune system as well as long term reductions in risk of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's. By now, you've likely heard of many good habits that help aid in getting a restful sleep, like tossing your phone to the side and turning over, but trying to improve sleep can be hard to do. Well, try adding these refreshing sleep habits to your nightly routine for a better night's sleep.

5 Ways To Improve Your Sleep

1. Sleep In The Nude

Don't laugh! Sleeping naked has been scientifically proven to improve sleep and health - at least that's what you can tell your partner when she's horrified by your starkers in bed. It's the perfect solution for when you're boiling with the doona on and freezing when you kick it off. And if someone is knocking at your door or you need to get out of the house quickly make sure you've got the Lowes Fleece Gown close by, only $59.95!

Sleep In The Nude

2. Try Spooning

Spooning can help people sleep better. It also provides many health benefits including increased hormones which lower blood pressure and strengthens your immune system through boosted oxytocin. Plus it can also bring the added benefit of intimacy! Although if you try combining spooning with sleeping in the nude you might find your partner makes you sleep on the couch pretty quickly. Try the Traders 2 pack Multi Knit Sleep Shorts only $25.95!

Try Spooning

3. Tie Up The Dog

Why is it that your dog patiently waits until you're sound asleep to check out what's going on around the house? It's 1 am and your pooch decides it's a good time to loudly lick himself,

followed by some sneezing, then finished off with the sound of his nails tapping on the timber floorboards. Tie him up and threaten to turn him into a cute pair of the Lowes Sausage

Dog Slippers only $19.95!

Tie Up The Dog

4. Go To The Toilet

You've just hopped into bed all cosy and warm ready to drift off to sleep, then you get the sudden urge to pee. You tell yourself to hold it till morning but you keep thinking

about it. Now your brain isn't going to let you go to sleep until you go. At least you'll be comfortable going to the bathroom in the Traders Stretch Lounge Pants only $19.95!

Go To The Toilet

5. Don't Have Kids

The Parenthood Paradox shows there are 2 happiness peaks in the lives of adults - between the wedding and birth of the first child and the departure of the last child from home. And

one of the main reasons children reduce happiness is sleep deprivation. But as taxing as kids can be they are also the greatest source of life satisfaction. Plus it might be difficult not to

have kids if you're following some of our other sleep tips like spooning and sleeping in the nude! At least the Lowes Short Leg Elastic Waist Pyjamas will bring you some happiness for only $29.95!

Get a better night's sleep with the great range of sleepwear including men's and women's pyjamas, slippers and gowns available now ...

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