What kind of winter person are you?

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We love summer in Australia, but winter can be more of a love-hate relationship. The shorter days and earlier nights can be great if you need an excuse to be lazy, but a real pain if you love the outdoors. In winter you can say goodbye to summer’s stifling humidity, plus you don’t need to worry about the mozzies biting. But the winter bite can have people that feel the cold grabbing for layers, layers and more layers of clothes to stay warm. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a great range of winter fleece at Lowes!

The Hibernator

Daylight saving is gone and its dark before 5pm. No complaints for the hibernator. It’s the perfect excuse to be lazy. Did somebody say movie night? They’ll be putting on the Harry Potter 8 movie marathon quicker than you can say fireplace-takeout-hot chocolate! The relaxed fit fleece trackpants and sloppy joes are only $14.95 each and perfect for a cosy night on the couch.

The Chionophile

Pronounced ki-own-a-file, are people that love cold weather. They’re the people who actually love winter and insist on trying to convince everyone to love winter too. Whether they’re packing the skis and hitting the slopes or googling videos of Wim Hof ‘The Iceman’ these crazy people love being outside and embracing everything this season has to offer. The fleece zip hoodie jacket from only $19.95 will keep them comfortable and warm.

The Winter Food Lover

Winter = comfort food heaven. All the carbs, the warm soups, the aroma, the hot chocolate! There’s nothing more the Big Marn loves than to pull out the slow cooker in the winter. Could there be anything better than a slow cooked stew with some mulled wine? Only if you’re wearing a Big Mens polar fleece detachable hood shirt and fleece trackpants only $29.95 each! Now you’re cooking!

The Christmas in July Celebrator

Like having it in December isn’t stressful enough, these people want to celebrate Christmas twice a year! But they like the fact that it is finally cold enough to feel like a northern winter Christmas. Plus it’s a perfect excuse to socialise and entertain! Celebrating ‘Yulefest’ can be a fun way to bring warmth to the cold and dreary winter days. Just like a fleece lined shacket from only $39.95.

The Footy Fan

Then there’s our favourite winter sport, footy. And who could forget the day the NRL froze? It was the end of May 2000 and the Canberra Raiders were hosting the West Tigers in Canberra. And it didn’t just snow, it was a blizzard! The field was white! You’ve gotta respect the poor NRL fan sitting in the grandstand. It didn’t matter how hot the meat pies were, you couldn’t warm up. They wish they were wearing a hooded polar fleece shirtonly $19.95! Plus a polar fleece beanie and gloves only $9.95 each!

No matter what type of winter person you are now’s a great time to stock up on winter fleece at Lowes! We have a huge range of fleece including trackpants, jackets, sloppy joes, tops, vests, hoodies, beanies, dressing gowns and more. So when winter arrives it’s time for fleece, available in store and online… at Lowes!

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