What type of person are you at Christmas?

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Christmas brings out the best (and sometimes the worst) in people! Whether you love Christmas or you’re a bit of a grinch, we’ve got Christmas gifts for everyone...At Lowes!

And Santa will definitely be checking the list twice when he sees the bargain prices!

The Shopper

Everybody knows one of these people! Christmas shopping is a year round event for them and Black Friday is most Fridays. Any deal they find they’ll take advantage of it. They’d love our Gifts $50 and under like our Anglers Edge fishing range starting from $39.95! As well as our wide selection of business shirts and Cougars polos.

The Last Minute Shopper

Every year, after going through the torture of last minute Christmas shopping this person promises themselves next year to be prepared and do it all well in advance. But every year, the same thing happens! For them, they might as well call Christmas shopping day, Groundhog Day. Lucky there’s Gifts $30 and under like a great range of polarised sunglasses only $29.95! There’s also Big Mens polos from $24.95 and Big Mens Hawaiian shirts only $29.95! Plus kids fishing polos only $29.95!

The Hinter

Ok, we know what they’re doing and they know what they’re doing, but no-one will just come out and say it. We get it, they want us to buy them a particular gift without saying it but just dropping really obvious hints. If there’s one positive about this type of person at least it makes shopping much easier! They’ll be sure to hint at Gifts $20 and under like Hawaiian shirts, assorted polos and casual shoes all $19.95 each! There’s also doggie Hawaiian shirts only $15.95! Plus Big Mens tees from $19.95! And don’t forget Tradies mens 4 pack undies $17.95

The I can’t be bothered

Christmas gift shopping is tough for this person. They’d prefer to convince everyone to buy their own gifts and then promise to reimburse them later. Lucky for them they can just go online and choose from plenty of great Gifts $15 and under like assorted tees, tanks and shorts all $12.95 each! There’s kids Christmas shirts $14.95 and novelty business socks only $6.95 or 2 for $10! Plus assorted baseball caps only $12.95!

So whether you’re the type of person that puts reindeer antlers and a red nose on your car or you’re more likely to be found snoring on the couch after convincing someone to top up your drink we all love getting presents!

And we’ve got Christmas gift ideas for everyone, available in store and online…at Lowes!

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