What your undies say about you

What Your Undies Say About You

We spend so much time thinking about the clothes we wear for the world to see, that it seems like undies are a lot of hard work. It’s only you that sees them right?

18 days ago

The perfect Zoom meeting outfit

The Perfect Zoom Meeting Outfit

These days many of us are working from home due to the pandemic. This means that video conferencing is more popular than ever. But after close to two months of working from home some things about video conferencing are less enjoyable…

1 month ago

We love to chill in winter

The shortest day of the year is June 21. It’s called winter solstice, or mid-winter. Which pretty much means it’s dark and freezing outside.

2 months ago

Why women steal your clothes

Unisex Clothing

Almost every woman does it - stealing their guys clothes. And almost every woman agrees they prefer wearing their guys sloppy joe or flanno to their own. Why?

2 months ago

The Flanno or Flannie?

Australia’s most loved shirt, the iconic flannelette shirt. Better known as the flanno, or is it the flannie?

7 months ago

What’s the best thing about summer?

Hawaiian Shirts

We love summer in Australia! Everyone does! But what’s the best thing about summer?

7 months ago

Why Do Men Always Wait Until Christmas Eve To Buy Gifts?

Every year, after going through the torture of last minute Christmas shopping men promise themselves next year to be prepared and do it all well in advance.

7 months ago

The first time wearing shorts after winter!

After a cold winter it’s finally warm enough to wear shorts again! Great news!

7 months ago

What do you love most about winter?

What do you love most about winter?

7 months ago

“It’s not that cold”

trench coat and peacoat

“It’s not that cold” says teeth-chattering mate without a coat.

We’ve all got ‘that’ mate that says “it’s not that cold” and then proceeds to head out into the winter air without a coat to keep him warm. Of course, we all know he’s lying and that he’s freezing because he turns blue and his teeth are chattering.

8 months ago