Dear School Communities,

With continued contamination, the full impact of the Coronavirus is still not yet known. We are closely monitoring the situation with our uniform makers in China and receiving daily updates, to help us best manage the disruption this will have on the supply of any uniforms that are manufactured this region.

The situation is still very fluid with cases being reported inside and outside of China. As directed by the Chinese Government, Factories and transport facilitators are taking measures to guard against its spread and will therefore be impacted for some time yet.

The factors below may impact our deliveries to store.

1. As factories reopen in the coming weeks they will undergo stringent process and controls to receive certification before being permitted to operate.

2. Factories will start to operate with less than usual people until the full workforce returns.

3. There will be a flood of work to process and transport as a result of the close down.

4. Goods ready for shipping at the time of the outbreak remain held in China.

We appreciate your understanding and will keep you updated.

Our thoughts are with the families and communities of those affected by the virus during this very difficult time.

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