Why women steal your clothes

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Unisex Clothing

Almost every woman does it - stealing their guys clothes. And almost every woman agrees they prefer wearing their guys sloppy joe or flanno to their own. Why? Because it’s so much comfier and made to last.

So, every guy needs to accept, once they’ve let their woman wear their favourite knit jumper they’re not getting it back… until now.

Finally there’s a fit for everyone with a great new range of unisex clothing… At Lowes!

Unisex clothing for him and her

We should all be able to wear what we feel comfortable in and at Lowes we’ve got clothing for everyone. It’s easy to feel comfortable straight away in our range of unisex clothing including knitwear, jumpers, flannelette shirts, sloppy joe’s, track pants and matchy matchy outfits.

So guys rejoice, you’ll no longer have to give up your favourite flanno. And ladies,there’s no need to steal your guys clothes anymore, you’ll find a great range of unisex clothing in store or online… At Lowes!

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