What's Your Favourite Aussie Colour?

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What's Your Favourite Aussie Colour?

Australia is a country full of colour. From the beautiful and pristine blue and gold beaches, the green eucalyptus forests and pastures to the vast red centre. Even more colourful in summer, now’s the perfect time to embrace your favourite colours with Tie Dye… At Lowes!


Aussies love the colour blue. Our flag is blue. The NSW Origin team is blue and they bleed blue. We have the blue mountains. We love a blue. We’re blue collared workers. We have Bluesfest. Our dogs are called Blue. Even the Aussie kids favourite cartoon is Bluey! If you love blue, and there’s a good chanceyou do, try the BLUE TIE DYE HAWAIIAN SHIRT for only $19.95.


If you don’t like blue then you’re probably from Queensland. Maroon is the favourite colour of Queenslanders but you’ve gotta feel for people that live in Tweed Heads, NSW, especially if they don’t support the Blues. It’s on the border and they get Queensland TV, so they almost Queenslanders but that won’t stop their New South Welshman brethren from calling them traitors. Maroon is also a handy colour to wear at a Broncos v Cowboys game if you’re on the fence. Check out the Big Mens DBK RED SWIRL TIE DYE T-SHIRT for only $24.95.


Possibly inspired by the iconic Dame Edna Everage, purple is a colour that is famously popular with a specific type of middle aged suburban mums for some reason. You know, the purpled haired aunty who owns a purple car with personalised purple number plates. She support the Melbourne Storm just because they’re purple. And her favourite Wiggle was Jeff. Get your purple on with the PRODIGY UNISEX TIE DYE CREW NECK T-SHIRT only $19.95.


Australia's national sporting colours are the green and gold. It’s also the name and colour of one of our favourite beers! We love to take holidays to the Gold Coast we affectionately call the “Goldie”. And who can forget “That’s Gold” by Paul ‘The Chief’ Harragon. But surely no-one loves gold more than Ariarne Titmus’ coach when she won the 400 metre freestyle Olympic gold! Now that’s gold! Try the PRODIGY YELLOW TIE DYE SANTA MONICA TSHIRT for only $19.95.

Wear your favourite colours this summer with Tie Dye. We have a huge range of Tie Dye including Tie Dye tees and shirts, Tie Dye shorts, Tie Dye dog shirts, Tie Dye kids plus family matching Tie Dye. For the must-have summer vibe, check out the Tie Dye range, available in store and online... At Lowes!