What's the Greatest Comeback Story?

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Everyone loves a comeback story! The more miraculous and improbable the comeback story, the better! It gives us hope and inspiration. But which is the best comeback story?

Everybody remembers when Prime Minister Bob Hawke awarded all Australians a public holiday following our famous win in the 1983 America’s Cup (if only more parliamentary decisions were made after 8 schooners). But what is often forgotten is the incredible circumstances in which we won the title. Australia II was down 3-1 heading into the fifth race of the series, but we defied the odds to win the final three and wrestle the Cup off the Americans to claim one of our most celebrated national victories.

Or who could forget the Newcastle Knights winning their first NRL Premiership? The Newcastle Knights entered the 1997 decider as massive underdogs and at half-time they trailed 16-8. But Andrew Johns led the Knights back into the contest and the Novocastrians scored in the last 10 seconds to win their first title!

But surely the greatest sporting comeback title goes to Steven Bradbury at the 2002 Winter Olympics. Heading into the final straight of the 1000 metres Speed Skating event, Bradbury was 10 metres adrift of his four rivals in the final and heading to a credible fifth place finish before all four of his opposition crashed out to gift Bradbury Australia’s first ever Winter Olympics Gold Medal. Bradbury's feat has entered the Australian vernacular in the phrase "doing a Bradbury", or "Bradburied" meaning an unexpected or unusual success.

Well for 2020 one of the great comeback stories is Tie Dye!

“Tie Dye” was invented in the 1960s and had its last heyday in the ‘90s. Well in case you missed it, the ‘90s are officially back! Tie Dye has ‘done a Bradbury’ and made a surprising comeback becoming the biggest fashion trend of the year so far!

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