What your undies say about you

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What Your Undies Say About You

We spend so much time thinking about the clothes we wear for the world to see, that it seems like undies are a lot of hard work. It’s only you that sees them right? But what about the lady you’ve been wooing or trying to surprise your partner? First impressions are everything! Anyone that sees you almost naked are going to judge you by the style of your knickers. So, what exactly do different types of undies tell us?


Since we’re all waiting for this one let’s start with the good stuff. Instead of going for easy, practical underwear you’ve decided going bare ass is better. Since you don’t like wearing undies would suggest you hate shopping. You definitely have issues with boundaries and even though you think gravity doesn’t have any effect on you … it does. If it’s a turnoff for your "fans", they’ll deal with it! One day your wife will force you into briefs to give “your boys” a home.

The Inside Out Guy

You tell people there’s 4 different ways to wear your undies before you have to wash them - front, back, inside out, then front and back. It’s hard to tell if you’re too lazy to do laundry or just care about the environment. You use the latter to explain your concern for global warming during a hook-up.

Calvin Klein Ambassador

You’re either a model or a wannabe model who spends all his spare moments on Instagram. You idolise Justin Bieber and David Beckham. You force your girlfriend to take pictures of you in your Calvin Klein underwear for 3 hours.

Old and Holey

Your mum bought you a 6 pack of undies 20 years ago and they’re still going strong. Over the years they’ve seen a lot of action, barely attached to the waistband, a few mystery stains, and a slightly brown discolouration. Even so, these undies aren’t as big a turn off as the fact you still live with your parents.

I Need a Clean Pair Guy

You’re not the most organised sort of guy. Whether it’s after an end of season cricket trip or you just forgot to bring the washing in before it started raining, you’re always looking for those mystical clean pair of undies. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem because you forgot about your date anyway.


You really don’t care about underwear so you wear shorts that are trying to pass off as a pair. But no, really, boxers are low-maintenance and comfortable, like you. You’re a real guy that enjoys the footy and you’re not too worried about what other people think about you. Ultimately, you don’t mind that your boxers aren’t the sexiest choice in underwear because you know you’re awesome.


The modern choice, the perfect middle ground before letting loose and packing it all in. Trunks offers the best of both worlds and therefore makes you a hard man to analyse. You have a thing for fashion and also care about comfort. There is nothing negative to say about trunks so you’re in luck and especially lucky if your significant other is feeling generous.


Often called the man’s equivalent of wearing lingerie. Briefs are the skimpiest kind of underwear you can get away with wearing. Briefs say you’re a ladies man. We’re betting that you have no qualms about showing off your bulge or your perfectly chiselled obliques. You’ve got the body so you might as well show it off and your lady is sure to appreciate this gesture of openness.

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