What type of person are you in the great outdoors?

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What type of person are you in the great outdoors?

We've all experienced the highs and lows of the great outdoors. Like hooking the big one fishing only to see it get off before you can reel it in. Or camping on a sunny day only to have it pouring rain the next minute. So whether you’re the type of person that embraces the outdoors, or you’re being dragged along, we’ve got you covered… At Lowes!

River pranks are great fun, especially when the fishing is slow. And they’re pretty fun when the fishing is good too. But how annoying is the fishing prankster if you’re not the one doing the pranks? You know, like the one that pulls your line when you’re not looking tricking you into thinking you’ve hooked the big one. At least you can keep your cool wearing the Anglers Edge Fishing Apparel. There’s a huge range of fishing polos from only $29.95!

The Newbie

This first time camper, known as the newbie, can be great entertainment. Especially when they get the 4WD bogged in the sand! You don’t tell them they’ve left it in 2WD until you’ve run out of beer while watching them laughing. At least they’ll look like they know what they’re doing in the Anglers Edge shorts and trousers featuring SPF protection and moisture wicking fabric, including Big Mens and kids sizes too.

The "I don't see anything" Hiker

Hiking isn’t for everyone. While their overly enthusiastic partner says there’s so much to see, all they see is their feet trudging along a dirt path. The only thing they like to see when hiking is the campsite. Made from a quick dry lightweight fabric and UPF 30+ the Outer Peak shirts are perfect for walking, hiking and other outdoor activities … like sitting in a camp chair, if hiking isn’t for you.

The DJ

It's midnight and you’re still lying awake in your tent – sleepless from the party at the campsite next door. The wonderfully mellow vibe that filled the air at sunset has taking a turn for the worse. As the drinks continued so did the volume! The only way to fix this problem is to join the party! Look the part with the great range of Traders unisex country shirts from only $39.95.

So whether you’re the outdoor type of person that loves adventure, fishing, hiking or camping we’ve got you covered with a great range of fishing and camping wear available in store and online... At Lowes!