What Kind of Party Person Are You?

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A few months ago England had their “Freedom Day" and what was the first thing they did when the clock struck midnight? Party! Well Australia’s “Freedom Day” is almost here and we’re ready to show the Poms how to throw a real party. So what are you going to wear?

Hawaiian Shirts! Hawaiian shirts are the symbol of freedom and nothing says “party” more than a Hawaiian shirt. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a huge range of mens, ladies and kids Hawaiian shirts at Lowes!

The Stayer

With lockdown going three ways for people, you’ll either come out a drunk, a chunk or a hunk. No prizes for guessing which one the Stayer was in lockdown. Their ability to withstand the effects of alcohol is incredible. Having drunk more alcohol than anyone else over the night they somehow appear completely sober. And as the party winds down they’re not done, rounding up a crew to kick on at the casino. Celebrate with the LOWES PURPLE OASIS HAWAIIAN SHIRT only $19.95.

The Dad Dancer

We all know a dad dancer. The shuffling feet, the snapping fingers, wiggling hips. A decade beyond their prime they’ve got all the gardening themed dance moves like ‘the sprinkler’, ’starting the mower’ and ‘feeding the chickens’ to name a few. Embrace the dad dancing with matchy matchy Hawaiian shirts for the whole family like the UNISEX AQUA FLAMINGO PRINT HAWAIIAN SHIRT from only $19.95!

The Dark Horse

Normally quiet as a mouse. They’ve avoided eye contact with everyone all night, yet suddenly after a few alcoholic beverages they’re up on the table dancing the Macarena, with most people asking “Who is that?”. Once they’ve fallen off the table, they’re off to join the Stayer’s crew at the casino. Stand out with the LOWES UNISEX ORANGE SUNGLASSES HAWAIIAN SHIRT only $19.95.

The Playlist Hijacker

After watching the Dad Dancer and Dark Horse do the chicken dance, twist and shout, YMCA and the Macarena it’s your duty to the party to fix this musical mess. You take over the Spotify playlist and get this party rocking. Look the part with the LOWES BLUE BOATS & UKELELE HAWAIIAN SHIRT only $19.95.

The Houdini

The person who magically is chatting with everyone and is literally missing 5 seconds later. Somehow their timing is perfect and they manage to slip out without anybody noticing. Just as magical is how they always are in photos from the party the next day. Check out the Big Mens BLUE FLAMINGO HAWAIIAN PRINT SHIRT only $29.95.

So wear your freedom when we open back up with a Hawaiian shirt... At Lowes!

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