The perfect Zoom meeting outfit

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The perfect Zoom meeting outfit

The Perfect Zoom Meeting Outfit

These days many of us are working from home due to the pandemic. This means that video conferencing is more popular than ever. But after close to two months of working from home some things about video conferencing are less enjoyable.

If you thought Friday work drinks couldn’t get any more boring most would agree it can be when you do it via Zoom instead of in person.

Then there’s the workmate that spends the entire video call looking at themselves and not listening to a word anyone else is saying. I guess they don’t know we can all see their eyes looking at the square where their picture is.

And there’s nothing worse than the workmate that thinks introducing their toddler in the middle of a meeting is a great idea. Suffering through a zoom call while you have to pretend to be excited about the bundle of joy screaming into your earphones isn’t ideal.

But it’s not all bad. Since this is no longer in an office setting, many have opted to work in comfortable clothing. In some cases, pants have become completely optional.

In fact a recent survey said 10% of people on Zoom sessions aren't wearing pants.

So now’s the perfect time to check out the huge range of business shirts

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