The first time wearing shorts after winter!

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We love summer in Australia! Everyone does! But what’s the best thing about summer?

But the bad news is the problem of pale legs. The first time you wear shorts after winter those pale legs can cause temporary blindness to onlookers.

One solution is to liberally apply a can of fake tan like Siro does. But if you don’t want to look like Donald Trump there’s another option …

We've got all sorts of shorts at Lowes!

We’ve got such a huge range of shorts you’ll find the perfect pair to style your look. If you want shorts for the sand, we’ve got a huge range of swim shorts and board shorts in bright tropical prints. There’s shorts for walks like Big Men’s fashion shorts as well as Ruggers. There’s shorts for sports including training and performance shorts. Or shorts that aren’t much money like cargo, denim and essential shorts!

So instead of your mates saying “whoa, they are some white legs!”, you’ll hear “Where did you get those Hawaiian shorts? They’re cool!”

So when it’s time for shorts we’ve got all sorts of shorts … At Lowes!

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