Man's Guide to Wearing Shorts

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By Lowes
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Man's Guide to Wearing Shorts

Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts! (Not really). Fella’s when can you wear shorts? Don’t know how to wear them? Not sure what style of shorts to buy? Shorts are an absolute essential in summer so we’ve put together a guide to pick the perfect pair.

1. What is bleavage?

Since we’re all waiting for this one let’s start here. Bleavage is butt + cleavage. It happens when shorts are so short a person’s butt hangs out the bottom. The opposite of the more commonly known builders crack. Bleavage was extremely popular during the 70’s and 80’s when no self respecting Aussie male in the warmer months would be seen dead wearing anything other than a pair of shorts 2 sizes too small, leaving little to the imagination. Safe to say, nobody wants to see bleavage on a guy anymore!

2. Can you wear shorts to work?

Blame it on global warming but these days mens shorts seem to be worn everywhere, almost all year-round and even at the office. It appears the majority agree, getting the calves out at the office is becoming commonplace. Plus who would have thought shorts could solve one of the greatest workplace debates - the air conditioning temperature? Just think of how letting men wear shorts to the office could reduce carbon emissions, not to mention the long suffering women who wouldn't have to endure arctic aircon temperatures!

3. Are shorts and socks a match?

Unless you’re a German backpacker matching socks and sandals with shorts is the ultimate fashion faux pas. But now, more than ever, the traditional rules of menswear are being broken. Kanye West and Justin Bieber to name a few are rocking socks with sandals, but for the non celebrity short wearers a nice pair of casual slip on shoes, joggers or thongs are a better bet. Also, unless you're a tradie or wildlife documentary maker, hiking boots need not apply!

4. Shorts for every occassion

With summer approaching now is the perfect time to start planning how you’re going to show off your legs in a new pair of shorts. These are the shorts to wear for every occasion. If you are going to wear shorts on a date Chino shorts would be it. Chinos are always a good call and a summer staple for men due to their versatility and ability to work well with almost any outfit. If you have more multi-tools than MacGyver then cargo shorts are for you. What other pair of shorts could you carry your wallet, phone, keys, pocket knife, tape measure, multi-tool, roll of duct tape, compass, whistle, sandwich and flashlight? One of the most popular shorts in mens wardrobes, cargo shorts are both both super practical and comfortable. If it's too hot for jeans then denim shorts are a great casual and hard wearing option. Sturdier than chinos, denim shorts can handle all the water, sand and dirt you throw at them while still looking trendy. If you love wearing your activewear everywhere, even if you don’t have a gym membership, then sports shorts are for you. Sports shorts are being worn more and more outside the gym. They look both trendy and comfortable. Unless you look like Daniel Craig from that beach scene in James Bond ditch the speedos and get some swim shorts. Swim shorts mean you don’t have to let your style suffer just to get wet. Wear them all day at the pool and make it through the night at the bar.

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