Lowes or Lowe’s?

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History of Lowes

For over 120 years since Lowes was established there’s been one question that stumps everyone … is it Lowes or Lowe’s?

It’s an apostrophe catastrophe! The debate about this troublesome punctuation mark in English has gone on for centuries around the world.

For a bloke that was pretty good with words did you know Shakespeare didn’t use apostrophes?

Then in 1966 it was decided no Australian place names should contain apostrophes like Surfers Paradise, Kings Cross and the Flinders Ranges to name a few.

McDonald’s has always used the apostrophe, but in Australia we call it Maccas, or is it Macca’s?

And funnily there’s the Melbourne Writers Festival but also the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

Perhaps no one cares anymore? Like when we’re getting our fish and chip’s or fish and chips’ or is it fish and chips?

Anyway, the only punctuation mark we really love at Lowes is the exclamation mark! Because for over 120 years Lowes has been famous for the catchcry "At Lowes!". And you can always find the exclamation mark in our stores from customers saying "what a bargain!" to "what a range!" and "what great service!".

So maybe it’s time to get rid of the apostrophe and embrace the future of… the emoji.🤔


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