“It’s not that cold”

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“It’s not that cold”

trench coat and peacoat

“It’s not that cold” says teeth-chattering mate without a coat.

We’ve all got ‘that’ mate that says “it’s not that cold” and then proceeds to head out into the winter air without a coat to keep him warm. Of course, we all know he’s lying and that he’s freezing because he turns blue and his teeth are chattering.

Is it for some reason he thinks he’s being brave or tough?

He might be surprised to know that the trench coat was originally a military coat worn by officers fighting in the trenches in World War 1. And that the peacoat was originally worn by naval sailors from the USA and Europe. Pretty brave and tough right?

Both the Lowes trench coat and peacoat remain true to the original look. They can be worn many ways; formally or casually, collar up or collar down, over a suit or over denim. The Lowes trench coat and peacoat are stylish, warm and great for keeping the wind out. The perfect coats for the winter season.

So when your mate says “It’s not that cold” tell him to stop his teeth from chattering and get a great value coat … At Lowes!

8 months ago