Aussies love big things

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Aussies love big things

Just look along our major roads - it’s a national fascination on road trips to stop for a selfie at The Big Banana, The Big Golden Guitar or The Big Merino to name a few. In fact, it’s un-Australian if you don’t love Australia’s big things! And It doesn’t get more Aussie than The Big Prawn or The Big Bogan.

Big Marn

Speaking of which, Aussies love Big Marn.

He loves cooking big sausages on his big barbecue. He loves it so much he even wrote The Big Marn’s Barbecue Cookbook!

And Big Marn loves hosting a big barbecue looking stylish in his Big Mens clothing. Designed for the big guy with great comfort and fit, the Big Mens range is a fashion for the big guy at affordable prices.

So why do Aussies love big things? Maybe it’s just bigger is better.

With 200 stores across Australia we’ve got the biggest range of great value menswear, including big men … at Lowes!

8 months ago