What do you love most about winter?

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What do you love most about winter?

Even though we love summer in Australia, winter is a still a great time to enjoy the cooler weather. But what do you love most about winter?

Is it hitting the ski slopes? Or what about sitting by a crackling fire? Or the enticing aroma of comfort food like a warm bowl of steaming soup or slow-cooked stew. Then there’s our favourite winter sport, footy. There’s so many great things about winter but we think there’s once thing that makes it even better… The Fleece!

At the first sign of cold weather we love to break out the fleece from the back of the wardrobe. And during the cold months there’s nothing better than staying warm, soft and cosy in your favourite fleece. It’s something we actually look forward to!

When it’s freezing outside and you’re warm and toasty in your bed, isn’t it great to know you can feel like that all day, wherever you go, in your fleece? ”

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8 months ago