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Frequently Asked Questions – Back to Work (FAQs)

When can I process a BTW (Back to Work) order that has been placed for store pickup?
Once the order has been received on a store level it is to be packed and put aside until the Customer comes in and collects their goods. Store pick up orders should only be processed when the client comes in store to collect their goods.
How do I cancel an order if it hasn’t been collected for over 2 weeks?
Orders not collected will be automatically cancelled in POS after 14 days.

Please Note: Any orders already cancelled will need to be redone by the employment agency/consultant.
How long can we hold an order for?
Only hold orders for 7 days. Our priority as a business is to sell stock, if it takes too long for a client to come in then release the stock for walk in customers.

Please Note: If the client does come in after 7 days but before 14 days and we no longer have the goods, either exchange the item for something similar or ask the client/job seeker to contact their employment consultant to place another order.
Can the Customer change or exchange their goods?
Customers can change/exchange sizes, colours and like for like styles. The clothes need to fit and be fit for purpose.

Please Note: They cannot change their goods for something completely different. I.e., Business pants for boardies. Hivis polo for a generic tee-shirt. Etc
What do I do if the Customer wants a more expensive item?
Firstly, to make it simple, be clear to the client that you cannot provide a receipt even if they pay extra. It also needs to be made clear the items cannot be returned or exchanged, make sure the item is right for them first.

Process original purchase order.

Bring up the item in POS which they don’t want and hit the “refund” key, scan the printed receipt as per normal procedure.

Scan in the new item and take payment for the difference.

Retain receipt and keep with paperwork pertaining to that purchase order.
Why haven’t I received the order on POS?
All orders processed by an employment agency is transferred to you in real time.

Please Note: If a client comes you and you do not have the order on your printer or in your POS, there are two possible reasons for this:

The order has not yet been approved by the Employment Consultants manager or accounts team – whomever is the authorised approver within their respective branch or business.

They have inadvertently selected the delivery option to “Deliver to branch”.
A Customer has come instore with a Manual Purchase Order, what do I do?
POS Procedures:

Enter all the sale items.

Hit Subtotal.

Hit Sundry charge

Select 1 – Zero/Gold Card.

Then enter the 30-Day Account Number.

Enter the corporate account number in twice. The corporate account number is validated to be an active account.

Select [1 – Yes] and fill in the following details.

Please Note: The Company name related to the 30-Day account number will automatically be displayed on the Purchase order details window, see below. This will help the user validate the 30-Day account number.

Ensure the Purchase Order Details Section is completed.

to Accept and finish the sale.


Ensure you enter a Purchase Order Number and the Clients Name in the appropriate fields.

Obtain signature of client or representative on MFC copy, as this acts as the confirmation that goods have been collected.

Write name of client on Sales docket.